Pig Shed Icon pig shed
Silent Forest
Type Major Location
Characters Mirror
Creatures The Sow
Notable loot Shovel Edge
Rear Mirror
Scribblings of a Madman
Chest Key
Release [[Update:{{{release}}}|{{{release}}}]]

The Pig Shed is a major location in Darkwood.

The Pig Shed is situated in the Silent Forest, not far from Hideout 2.

The larger shed houses The Sow, and a villager can be found in the second room of the small house who will attack if one lingers too long or attacks him first, saying "Get out of here, you fucking freak!"

There is a generator and a lever in the small house as well, and a broken cable outside the shed. These can be used in conjunction to stun or kill Mother Pig.

In the room containing the generator, the Mirror can also be encountered.

Outside one of the pig pens, some villagers can be found talking about how they had to kill a pig who was a sort of pet for another villager, and how they would not have been forced to do that if "some asshole hadn't cut the cables". Inside, a pitchfork villager will threaten the player, and become agressive if he disobeys the order to not come any closer.

Notable loot Edit

Most notably, there is a Shovel Edge on the floor in the small house as well as the Flyer and Chest Key which are found on a shelf in the adjacent room.

The broken tractor in the yard contains the Rear Mirror for Piotrek's quest. A pot in a campfire contains some Meat.

A corpse in front of Mother Pig contains one set of pills and Rumblings of a Madman which is updated as Madman Scribbles #2 in the Journal. To access the corpse, Mother Pig must be dead or pacified.

There are two buildings serving as pig pens. On one of them, a crate containing a Toolbox can be found. A patch of Large Mushrooms can also be found. The other one contains piles of junk with Books and Gasoline.

Trivia Edit

  • There are piles of pig heads lying around the small house which can be examined. The player merely comments on their smell.
  • The Pig Shed had a bug where some players would not be able to operate the generator's lever. This has been fixed in Alpha 7.2.

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