The Pretty Lady is the Chicken Lady's sister. She can be found in Chicken Lady's House, a location in The Village.

The Pretty Lady is a malformed, large woman hidden under a blanket in a locked room. Her ghastly wheezing can be heard from even outside her room, and her figure can be seen twisting and turning under the blanket if one carefully looks into her room through the barred window.

What happens to the Pretty Lady depends on whom the player decides to hand over the Key to her room to; Wolfman or Musician. If the player gives it to the Wolfman, the player will find her half-eaten in Wolfman's Hideout in Old Woods. If the key is given to the musician, nothing happens to her.

The player has the choice to enter the locked room once acquiring the key covered in chicken feces. Removing the fabric reveals her naked flesh, and she begs you to return the blanket. It can be returned, but stealing it has no known consequences. Alternatively, the player can kill her, which Chicken lady, Wolfman and Musician would express loathe to the player. If she was killed by player, the player must now kill the chicken lady in order to proceed with the story to find the doctor house.

Trivia Edit

  • 5123

    The Protagonist with the pretty lady.

    "Pretty Lady" is the name given to her by the Musician, who wants to "rescue" her from the Chicken Lady.
  • The Chicken Lady speaks of a woman named Hanuska. It's, however, quite unlikely this Hannah is the Pretty Lady; more information in Hanuska's respective article.

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