The Protagonist is the main character in Darkwood.

The unnamed protagonist is clad in a worn coat wearing a big rimmed, weathered hat, and, if his self-image in the mirror is to be believed, a distorted face, much like many other characters in the region.

Something that the protagonist refers to as the "accident" that happened "a few days ago" seems to have left him unable to feel normal hunger or thirst. The protagonist however states finding himself thinking about the red pulsating mushrooms, which now to him seem "juicy and delicious".

The protagonist is an outsider, involved in some sort of incurson to the Darkwood zone. This is hinted in several places, such as examining texts on the Underground Key, conversations with the Doctor and the Soldier, and many more.

Whatever his reason for entering the terrifying zone of Darkwood may be, the protagonist seems to not have come alone. As referenced by his monologue when investigating the handle of the Armored Door: "The handle is covered in a thick layer of dust. No one has opened it for at least a fortnight. It looks like we were the last ones here."

The protagonist never speaks. Wolfman states as the Dog Tag is shown to him, "It's funny that someone who would like to speak so much, won't ever say a word." The Elephants also reference that the protagonist is unable to speak due to breathing the miasmas of the region.

Trivia Edit

  • The protagonist never sleeps; only upon death (with permadeath disabled) or after visiting The Church or The Grave in his hallucinations does he seem to wake, as if from a bad nightmare. In the prologue, the Doctor said that he was afraid to go to sleep — apparently a recurring theme in Darkwood.
  • Despite the protagonist seemingly waking up from nightmares after being killed, the item Partly Digested Finger's avail appears to suggest he truly experienced those attacks, and was not, in fact, dreaming.

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