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Radio Tower Bunker
Radio Tower Bunker
Radio Tower - Underground entrance
Type Major Location
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Creatures None
Notable loot Military Flashlight
Journal from the Radio Tower
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The Radio Tower Bunker is a major location in the Swamp and one possible way that leads to the end of Chapter 2 and the Epilogue. The bunker can be entered via the underground entrance found inside the Radio Tower building.

Immediately after entering the bunker, there is a crate containing both a Military Flashlight and the Journal from the Radio Tower.

If you enter the second metal door (you need to close the first one to open it - but be aware: you can't turn back from now on!) you come to a tunnel that leads to a metal lever, but some kind of fungus grows on it, blocking the way up.

You need to burn it first with a Molotov Cocktail, or hit it with a melee weapon, to enter the Final Dreamscene.

WATCH-OUT: You only have one chance to find the way without dying / you can't go back from now, the metal door closes forever. Be prepared and don't go through the metal door until you have done everything you wanted to do. (After the Epilogue, it is possible to go on playing the game)

If you can manage to not die you get a different ending and can actually see the thing that causes all the infections... It is possible, to get through the Final Dreamscene without dying. But you only have one chance!

Ony one shot

The journal entry

Final Dreamscene walkthrough without dying (spoilers) Edit

A possible tactic can be read here, but if you want to try it by yourself don't read it! Major spoilers of enemies and upcoming scenes...