"Chomper" redirects here. For another variant of Chomper, see Black Chomper.
Red Chomper
Creatures red chomper
Spawns randomly in Old Woods Biome
The Bridge
Behavior Aggressive
Attack type Melee
Drops Odd Meat
Health 90
Running Speed Fast-Medium
Stamina Unknown
View Distance 200
Damage Medium
Notes Can be baited with Meat.
Release Initial release

Red Chompers are dangerous, aggressive creatures in Darkwood.

They appear to be people that have gone through the final stage of the Plague: their head has torn into two all the way down to the chest, forming a large mouth filled with teeth.

Red Chompers can be found in a few preset locations in the Silent Forest such as the Broken Truck, and they commonly roam the Old Woods. They also commonly appear throughout The Swamp. They have a high chance of spawning near the Old Woods hideout during the night phase to assault the Protagonist.

These creatures are very dangerous and attack on sight, biting the protagonist for half a pip. Red Chompers are the weaker version of the "illusory" Black Chompers.

When killed, Red Chompers always drop Odd Meat, and occasionally Rags or Wire. Rarely, they can drop a 9V Battery.

Variants Edit

There are multiple notable variants of the Red Chomper:

  • A small Red Chomper is encountered in the Village Well. This unique Red Chomper drops the Doll. Despite its small size, has the same attack power and health as a full-sized Chomper.
  • Another unique Red Chomper can also be found at the Wedding. This variant wears a torn wedding dress and appears to be the bride. It is the only Red Chomper found in the Dry Meadow, and likely the first Red Chomper the player will face.
  • Antek is a Red Chomper with backstory encountered in The Village, which the Village Leader uses to threaten the Protagonist and presumably the other villagers. If the Protagonist kills The Sow in the Pig Shed, he is invited into the mayor's house in the village, where Antek is set loose upon him as revenge. Breaking into the mayor's house by force will also result in Antek's release. In-game, he appears as a normal Red Chomper; the only unique thing about Antek is that he is tied by a chain similar to a Chain Trap's.
  • There are also the Musician's parents, the Half-Dead Man and the Half-Dead Woman, who turn into Red Chompers if a certain interaction isn't performed. It is unknown at the moment if they have regular Chomper models.

Strategy Edit

With some finesse, a Red Chomper can be killed with just a Board With Nails by walking backward and hitting it repeatedly with fully charged swings while evading its attacks at the same time. This strategy is not recommended for beginners.

Chompers run at two different speeds - a sprint (charge) and then a walk. If you can outrun them while they are sprinting, they will quickly tire and slow down for a while.

Chompers will try to dodge melee attacks when walking. They will not stop sprinting to dodge.

Axes and shotguns are particularly effective at taking down chompers.

Chompers can be lured or distracted by dropping meat onto the ground.

Confirmed weapon stats against Red Chompers (v1.1) Edit

  • It takes one shot to kill a Chomper with a Single Shot Shotgun, Double Barrel Shotgun or Pump Action Shotgun in close range.
  • It takes two shots to kill a Chomper with a Hunting Rifle; the first shot takes away around 90% of the Chomper's health.
  • It takes 5 shots to kill a Chomper with a Pistol.
  • It takes three charged swings with a Sharpened Axe and four with a Sharpened Shovel to kill a Chomper. The penultimate hit will break its legs off, crippling its mobility.

Trivia Edit

  • The Small Red Chomper found in the Village Well is the child of Hanuska.
  • Chompers can be split in half with a melee weapon, revealing the lower half of the body, the legs, to be human. The top half will still try to chase and attack the Protagonist by crawling with its arms, at a much lower speed and leaving a trail of blood behind it, until it is killed.
  • In the Swamp biome, there are specific occasions where the Protagonist will encounter Red Chompers covered in Black Substance, which must be burned off with powerful light sources before damage can be done to the Chomper itself. These are most common during the night and in the Great Lake.
  • Game files mention a test "Blue Chomper". It's unknown whether this is a type of Chomper intended to be implemented.