Red Chomper
Creatures red chomper
Spawns randomly in Old Woods Biome
The Bridge
Behavior Aggressive
Attack type Melee
Drops Odd Meat
Notes Can be baited with Meat.
Release [[Update:{{{release}}}|{{{release}}}]]

Red Chompers are highly aggressive creatures in Darkwood.

They tend to lurk in Old Woods biome, and have a high chance of spawning near the hideout 3 during the night phase to assail the player.

They are highly dangerous carnivores who attack on sight. Red Chompers are the weaker version of the Black Chompers.

When being killed, Red Chompers drop Odd Meat, and occasionally Rags.

If they are laying down, they will not move or chase after the player until he makes noise or the Chomper receives damage.

Variants Edit

A small Red Chomper is encountered in the Village Well. This unique chomper drops the Small, Burned Plastic Doll, which is nearly identical to the Small Plastic Chicken, but scarred from fire and missing an eye. As of Alpha 7.0, the chomper is erroneously named chompperred_small when moused over.

The Village also houses a red chomper named Antek, which the mayor uses to enforce his meat distribution. If the player kills The Sow in the Pig Shed, they are invited into the mayor's house in the village, where Antek is loosed upon them as revenge. Breaking into the mayor's house by force will also result in Antek's release.

Strategy Edit

With some finesse, a chomper can be killed with just a plank with nails by walking backward and hitting it repeatedly with fully charged swings while evading its attacks at the same time.

Chompers will try to dodge melee attacks.

Axes and shotguns are particularly effective at taking down chompers.

Importantly, both red and black chompers run at 2 different speeds- a sprint and then a walk. If you can outrun them while they are sprinting, they will eventually begin walking and become much more manageable opponents.

Chompers can be lured or distracted by dropping meat onto the ground.

Confirmed weapon stats against Red Chompers (Alpha 7.0.) Edit

☀ It takes 1 shot to kill them with a Single Shot Shotgun or a Double Barrel Shotgun in close range.

☀ It takes 2 shots to kill them with a Bolt Action Rifle (The first shot takes away 90% of Chompers health).

☀ It takes 3 shots to kill them with a Pistol.

Trivia Edit

  • Chompers can be split in half with a melee weapon, revealing the lower half of the body, the legs, to be human, while the monstrous Chomper head is still trying to chase and attack the player, leaving a trail of blood behind, until it is killed.
  • In the new Swamp biome, there are specific occasions where the player will encounter Red Chompers who are seemingly invulnerable. They are covered in a strange Black Substance which must be burned off with powerful light sources before damage can be done to the Chomper itself.
  • Game files mention a test "Blue Chomper".

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