Reputation is a form of currency used in Darkwood. It can be used to purchase items from vendors. You may sell items for the value they display in your inventory to NPCs, but they will sell items for double that value. For example, The Three sells Small Caliber Magazines for 100 Reputation, whereas the player can sell them only for 50 Reputation.

Reputation is not a universal form of currency. It is kept separately between NPCs; for instance, you may have 150 reputation with Wolfman, and only 50 reputation with Piotrek.

The player will already start the game with 50 Reputation when trading with Wolfman, and 100 when trading with the Trader or The Three. Additionally, each night survived will give the player 100 more Reputation with the current visiting NPC if survived on the Dry Meadow, 150 on the Silent Forest, 200 on the Old Woods, and 250 on the Swamps.

Trivia Edit

  • Items with no value, such as Rotten Mushrooms and The Wolves Gift, may be given away to vendors and bought back for no cost.
  • It was possible to profit Reputation by buying 4 Scrap Metals for 10 Reputation each. A player could then turn these items into a Bear Trap and sell it for 70 Reputation. This has since been fixed, with the Bear Trap's value being lowered significantly.
  • The player can make a 2 reputation profit from buying 2 rags for 28 reputation, turning them into a bandage and selling them back for 30 reputation.