Rocks Icon rocks
Dry Meadow

Silent Forest
Old Woods

Type Minor Location
Creatures Several Savages
Notable loot Fabric

Random loot

Notes A rock formation with a corpse, as seen in-game.
Release [[Update:{{{release}}}|{{{release}}}]]

The Rocks are somewhat generic locations present in all Biomes. Generally, they'll contain either a crate with loot or some type of corpse with some Creatures feeding on it.

Dry Meadow Edit

  • A labyrinth-like rock formation with a couple Dogs, a crate and a backpack containing, among other things, Fabric and a Toolbox[unconfirmed].
  • A ring of rocks with a carcass in the center and many Dogs feeding on it.

Silent Forest Edit

  • A small enclosure with several paths to the center through the rocks, with a Bear Trap set in one path. Savage (Stick) and Savage (Rock) will try to flank the player after looting the corpse in the center. (loot TBD)

Old Woods Edit

  • At least one location TBD

Swamp Edit

  • An enclosure with trees surrounded by rocks and guarded by a couple savages.
    There's a crate and backpack containing, among other things, a Fabric.

Gallery Edit

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