Savage (Horns)
Creatures savage hornes
May spawn randomly in the Silent Forest Biome
Spawns in Hideout 1 at night
Behavior Aggressive
Attack type Melee
Drops Random common loot
Health Unknown
Running Speed Unknown
Stamina Unknown
View Distance Unknown
Damage Unknown
Notes Able to open doors and climb through windows when aggroed.
Release [[Update:{{{release}}}|{{{release}}}]]

Savages (Hornes) are aggressive creatures in Darkwood. They produce short, guttural sounds and appear to posess several antler-like protusions popping out of their heads.

These savages will charge at the player upon visual contact, using melee attacks. Although they are relatively easy to fight when alone, these enemies will oftenly spawn accompanied by other Savages or, in Night Events, by Dogs.

Since Alpha 7.0, passive savages can be found in the Dry Meadow, repeatedly banging their heads against tree trunks. If attacked, they will enter combat normally. Savages will also attempt to dodge the player´s attacks.

Trivia Edit

  • Savages are sometimes referred to as "rednecks" by the dev team on the changelogs.

Gallery Edit

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