Savage (Rock)
Creatures savage rock
May spawn randomly in Forest Biome
Spawns in Hideout 2 at night
Cottage (A)
Rocks in Forest Biome
Hideout 2
Behavior Aggressive
Attack type Ranged
Drops Random common loot
Health Medium-
Running Speed Medium
Stamina Unknown
View Distance Medium
Damage Low
Notes Able to open doors and climb through windows when aggroed.
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Savages (Rock) are aggressive creatures in Darkwood.

Having the appearance of frogmen, they can be found roaming the Forest biome or guarding notable locations, often together with stick savages, such as the Cottage, House, Rocks in the Forest biome. They spawn near the Hideout and the Hideout 2 at night phase.

Armed with an infinite supply of rocks, they aim to fight a ranged battle.

When killed, they have a chance to drop random common loot usually not worth killing them for.

Strategy Edit

The projectiles themselves inflict little damage and can be sidestepped due to their relatively slow movement speed.

In addition, their rocks can damage other opponents in the game. Thus, luring an enemy between the protagonist and a Rock Savage may result in the Rock Savage inadvertently stoning your enemy to death for you.

Because these creatures tend to keep their distance (to engage in a ranged fight), it is not very difficult to just flee from an encounter with them, leaving their effective aggro range at which point they give up chasing.

With a Staff, players hit faster with the charge swing than they can throw rocks (takes practice), making one able to spam them to death.

Trivia Edit

  • Savages are sometimes referred to as "rednecks" by the dev team on the changelogs and on the game files.

Gallery Edit