Savage (Stick)
Creatures savage stick
May spawn randomly in Forest Biome
Spawns in Hideout at night
Silent Forest Entry
Rocks and Camp in the Silent Forest
Tank Wreck
Behavior Aggressive
Attack type Melee
Drops Stick
Random common loot
Health 60
Running Speed 3/7
Stamina 70
View Distance 500
Damage sweeps 22/18 overhead 30
Notes Able to enter windows and open doors when aggroed.
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Stick Savages are aggressive creatures in Darkwood.

They can be found roaming the Forest biome, or guarding notable locations, often together with rock savages, such as Silent Forest Entry, Rocks, and the Tank Wreck. They spawn in Hideout during the night phase.

Armed with long sticks, these savages inflict a decent amount of damage,1/3 of a pip with each of their double swings and 2/3 of a pip with their overhead swing. Coupled with their speed and superior weapon range, they can be difficult to take down with just a short-range melee weapon such as the axe.

When killed, they have a chance to drop a stick and sometimes random common loot such as bottles, pill, rags, Alcohol.

Some passive savages spawn in the Dry Meadow, oftenly being found slamming their heads against trees in a disturbing way. A passive stick savage can be found scratching rune-like symbols in the Markings.

Strategy Edit

Walking backwards to make their stick attacks whiff, then counterattack with charged swings, is an effective tactic against this type of enemy.

Fighting aggressively against Stick Savages is an important tactic. If a player doesn't fully commit to closing to attack range, the long range of their sticks can easily whittle down his health before he is able to strike back.

Firearms, especially the pistol, are the easiest way to fend off Stick Savages. However, if possible, it is wiser to save up ammo for stronger foes.

Trivia Edit

  • Savages are sometimes referred to as "rednecks" by the dev team on the changelogs and on the game files.