Savage Lair Icon markings
Silent Forest
Type Minor Location
Creatures Several Savages
Notable loot Cross
Notes The Savage lair, as seen in-game.
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The Savage Lair is a dark area surrounded by large rocks and tight foliage in the Silent Forest. There is a series of holes, perhaps graves, scattered about.

Examining one of them, the Protagonist comments, "A body lies in this hole." In another there is a live savage bathing in the dirt, and though he can be killed, he isn't aggressive. The savage doesn't drop anything when killed.

The area is divided in half by a fallen tree that "appears to be chewed." There are two aggressive rock-throwing savages in the area that will try to drive the player out, as well as two articles of clothing on the ground, one with rags and the other one with the Cross.

The area is marked on the Player Map with the same scribbles as the location Markings, found in the Dry Meadow, which also happens to contain savages.

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