Scribblings of a Madman

Pig Shed
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The Scribblings of a Madman are two miscellaneous items in Darkwood.

Both written by the Pig Farmer, the first page can be found in the barn behind the mayor's house in The Village, while the second part can be found on the Pig Farmer's corpse at the Pig Shed, in the room with the Sow. Note that the sow has to be dead in order to access the Pig Farmer's corpse (not quite- see the Pig Farmer article).

Half of a 4-digit code can be seen on the right side of the scribblings #1, suggesting the second page contains the other half. Indeed, the second note contains the other part of the code. This code unlocks the chest in the Pig Farmer's barn. The chest contains an assortment of high-tier random loot, as well as the Picture of the Sow.

The notes read:

"Oh happy, happy day! Today I get to see Her again! I hope she likes what I have prepared. She doesn't have an appetite lately, but we have our ways around that, now do we? I've dug up something very special for her today! My QUEEN! Only I can be close to her! No one else NO ONE! I won't let anybody near you again!"
— Madman scribbles #1
"Its time for my piggies to go to bed. The great mother Piggy said. So I will count them first to see if all my piggies come back to me. One little piggy, two little piggies, three little piggies......."
— Madman scribbles #2

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