Creatures shadow
Spawns in the Hideout at night
Behavior Aggressive
Attack type Melee
Drops None
Notes Can short circuit lamps.
Release [[Update:{{{release}}}|{{{release}}}]]

Shadows are aggressive creatures in Darkwood which appear once the negative trait Shadows is gained.

They manifest themselves at night as a swarm of ghost-like apparitions swirling around the protagonist, signaled by a whispering sound that gradually gets louder.

If the player does not re-enter or create a lighted area during this time, he will begin to lose health.

Shadows can drain a player's health very quickly so it's important to find a light source as soon as the whispering sound that signals the beginning of the attack can be heard.

Night Edit

The shadows may appear in spite of lamps providing light for the player. If the player is only lighting up one room, they will swarm the rest of the Hideout and attempt to turn the lamps off by short circuit, much like the Banshees scream will do. Although, in contrast, one light source is always left untouched, sometimes alternating at random between waves of Shadows attacks.

They can be held off by lighting up the dark parts of the Hideout, e.g. the use of Flares. Though risky, they can be fought off by shining light (like the Military Flashlight) on them.

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