Creatures shadow
Spawns in the Hideout at night
Behavior Aggressive
Attack type Melee
Drops None
Health Unlimited
Running Speed Fast
Stamina Unlimited
View Distance Unlimited
Damage Low
Notes Can short circuit lamps.
Release Initial release

Shadows are aggressive creatures in Darkwood. They only appear in night events once the negative trait Shadows is gained, or in the late game even if a player did not choose the trait. They manifest as a swarm of dark ghost-like apparitions swirling around the Protagonist, signaled by a whispering sound that gradually gets louder until they make their first appearance.

If the Protagonist is not in a lighted area during this time, he will lose health very quickly, so it's important to find a light source as soon as the whispering sound is heard.

Shadows can appear multiple times per night.

They have a small chance of appearing in the Old Woods Hideout, and will regularly appear in the Swamp Hideout even if the Shadows trait wasn't picked.

Night Edit

The shadows show up in unlit areas of the Hideout and short circuit all lamps, shutting them down in a similar way as the Banshee's scream. One standing lamp is always left untouched, however, alternating at random in each event.

The Torch and the Lantern cannot be used when Shadows are present, but Flares, the Flashlight and the Military Flashlight can, and in fact Shadows can be neutralized by lighting up the dark parts of the Hideout with these items. Flares work best, as they produce a full circle of powerful light and the tight cone of lighting of both kinds of flashlights makes using them a risky proposition.

If the Protagonist doesn't have any of those items at hand, he'll be forced to run to the single working lamp, taking damage all the way. In that sense, it's best to place the lamps within reach of each other.

After around one minute, or two hours in-game, the Shadows will dissipate, all shut down light sources will resume normal operation, and the whispering will cease.