Skills shadows
Tier I
Type Negative
Use Passive
Duration {{{dur}}}
Better stay in the light during the night.
Notes Causes Shadows to spawn.

Shadows is a Tier 1 Skill in Darkwood. This skill is a downside you are forced to take when leveling up for the first time.

After the skill is picked, sometimes during the night whispers will be heard and ghostly figures will start flying through the hideout, followed by all lights but one of the movable standing lamps shorting out and ceasing to work. The Torch and the Lantern will stop working as well, but the Flashlight, the Military Flashlight and the Flares will work just fine.

This event lasts for about one minute, or two hours of in-game night time, and can re-occur several times per night. During each event, the lamp that'll stay intact is randomly selected.

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