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Silent Forest Hideout Icon hideout 2
Silent Forest Hideout
Silent Forest
Type Major Location
Characters Bike Man - First appearance
Creatures Several Savages
Nightly Invasions
Notable loot Watch
Metal Pipe
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The Silent Forest hideout is a major location in Darkwood.

Located in the Silent Forest, this is the player's second safe house. It is also where the player encounters the Bike Man for the first time.

Notable Loot Edit

The crate in the barn can only be unlocked by using the Chest Key. The crate most notably contains a Watch and a Metal Pipe, among some more common things.

Tips Edit

  • The generator room is much easier to fortify than the hideout. One strategy is to drag lamps into this room and barricade it.
  • Another strategy is to drag lamps to the courtyard in front of the generator room, this gives the player open space to dodge attacks and evade Banshees that may spawn.

Trivia Edit

  • This location was formerly known as Farmhouse.
  • Until Alpha 6, a privy could be found in this hideout. It has since been removed.
  • Before version 1.1 several savages could be found defending the hideout upon arrival.

Gallery Edit