Single-shot Pistol
Icon one shot pistol

A powerful handgun, but useless after being discharged.
Hideout 1 - Outdoors bonus Crate
Pig Shed - Corpse
Swamp - Found randomly under movable rocks
Item Type Firearm
Item Types
Value 50
Max. Stack
Crafting 2x Icon scrap metal 1x Icon metal pipe
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Notes Fires only once.


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The Single-shot Pistol is a craftable firearm in Darkwood. To be crafted, it requires 2 Scrap Metal and 1 Metal Pipe. It may fire one time before breaking. It is not repairable.

Trivia Edit

  • This weapon used to be named "One Shot Pistol"
  • This weapon was added in Alpha 5.0. as a replacement to the Pellet Gun.
  • The recipe for crafting this item was changed in Alpha 7.0. Before, it would require one Scrap Metal, one Wire and one Tape.

Bugs Edit

  • In Alpha 8.0, it was possible to craft a Single-shot Pistol which had no ammo. This meant the pistol was useless, and resources were wasted by crafting it. This bug was fixed in Alpha 8.1's hotfix 1.
  • Before Alpha 3.1[unconfirmed], this item's flavor text had a small grammar error, saying "but is useless after being discharged".