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Sleepers are minor characters in Darkwood.

They appear to be emaciated people sleeping happily under the influence of the Being. Exactly one Sleeper is found in Chapter 1. He is located slightly to the right of Code-Locked door leading to the Silent Forest, at the Silent Forest Entry. This sleeper will give the Protagonist cryptic advice to look for something under the floor in 'the last Hideout'.

In the True Ending, it is revealed that the Protagonist at some point became a Sleeper, too, as he awakens naked in the The Being's lair. Players who notice that something is "wrong" in the city and apartment are able to realize they are in a dream, and wake up from the Being's influence, thus effectively escaping the Sleeper effect.

Many more sleepers can be found in the True Ending in the Epilogue. Dozens of them lie dormant in the huge ravine where the Being is located. Many of them are already dead, but they all seem to be entirely too happy. The player may attempt to wake them, but this will have little effect. Some of them have unique descriptions or will whisper lines of dialogue.

The Doctor becomes one such sleeper. He can be found here, curled up in a fetal position next to The Being. You cannot interact with him, except to kill him.

Strategy Edit

Upon obtaining the Flamethrower from Maciek, he, a Sleeper as well, will jump and try to seize the weapon from the Protagonist. He isn't the only one. Dozens of Sleepers will start to throw themselves at the player. They will be knocked off, but it is advised to start burning them immediately upon obtaining the Flamethrower.