The Snail is a major character in Darkwood.

It appears as a giant snail-like being. Parts of a human skull can be seen underneath its flesh, and a slack human jaw can be seen loosely hanging from its head. The snail comes across as confused and has difficulty talking properly.

It can be found in the Cottage Near The Junkyard, in the Swamp, in Chapter 2. It resides within the roof of the central (and only) building in the area, within a shell. The player will need to use a weapon on the cracked underside of the shell in order to enter.

Inside resides a giant snail (as per the name). It speaks in a plain language and can be extensively gossiped with. It will give the player a few quests, and will casually remark on how ugly the Protagonist is. Its stomach may also be interacted with by examination; in doing so the Protagonist will note that it's rather brittle, and can quite possibly be opened with force.

Indeed, to enter the building the Snail sits on, the player has the choice of either: following the quest line of the Snail and in doing so, freeing it from captivity; or, the player can carve their way through the Snails stomach with a melee weapon. Afterward, they may enter the house.

Quests Edit

Freedom: Edit

The Snail tasks the player with freeing him/her from their shell. After enjoying some time lying around, it finally wishes to leave, and roam around. To do this the player needs the Shed Key (that unlocks the door just outside) which can be used in conjunction with the eye-creature to unlock a side path. In this side path a cocoon-like object can be found. When interacted, with the Protagonist notes that it's 'fragile.' It can be broken with a weapon.

Doing this will free the Snail.

As a consequence, however, the Snail will travel to the Radio Tower where it can be found dead, blocking the entrance to the place, and filled with Baby Banshees. With some fiddling you can actually angle the crate near the tentacle that blocks the way so that you can slowly move it aside and enter the place.

A Tough Feat: Edit

The Snail asks if the player has the Wellington boots. Though the Snail doesn't directly ask, it implies that it wants a pair to use for itself. In the Huge Lake the player can find a pair; however, showing the Snail the item currently does nothing - it will discuss how nice they look, but nothing more (as of Alpha 8.0).

Epilogue Edit

If the Snail is not freed or carved up by the player, then they will perish in the flames burning down the forest.

Showing Items Edit

In the conversation screen, the Protagonist can show various story items to it.

Speculation Edit

  • It's likely that the Snail used to be human. Its desire for boots, and its discussion of what it thinks is human (which is brought up when it discusses how ugly the Protagonist is for a human), suggests that it has some concept of what its like to be one. This is likely, given the area around it is scattered with writhing and mutating figures attached to small snail shells. Also, the snail has a human skull in its head and a hand that is sticking out from its body, supporting the belief that it was once human.