The Soldier is a major character that can be found in the transition between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, just beyond the Bunker Entrance. He lies at the end of a collapsed tunnel, beneath a flickering light, entangled in roots.

He has limited interactions with the player. He will ramble on about a Shovel (such discussions continue in the Bloody Journal found nearby, which is likely written by him). However, the player cannot give a shovel of his own to the Soldier, despite the 'show item' option being present. He offers no accomplish-able quests, rather, he can only gossip with the player for a short time.

Epilogue Edit

He is one of the few characters whose fate is unknown. It is possible that he survived after the burning of the forest, only to be stuck down there. It is more likely though that he burned with The Being as he is entangled in the forest's roots.

Trivia Edit

  • He is in fact not a Soldier, with this unofficial name being a leftover from Alpha 8. In those versions, he was the only soldier that was found alive in-game. If some of his ramblings were to be believed, he was a part of the group that entered the Darkwood zone with the Protagonist. His storyline has since been changed, however, and now he is merely a man that was trying to pass through the tunnel. Game files still refer to him as Soldier.

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