Status effects are displayed on the top left corner of the screen, above the player's HP bar. Positive effects are grey in color, negatives are red.

The duration and power of effects varies by item used; for example, Odd Meat gives a longer Endurance effect than Potato; and Pill, while granting a very short-lived regeneration, it is also incredibly potent compared to other healing items.

Positive Effects Edit

Most positive status effects are activated by consuming various food items.


Status Effect Description Effect Granted by
Icon endurance Endurance Your lungs are more efficient. Reduces stamina costs temporarily by a percentage. Icon chicken egg Icon pills Icon potato Icon bread
Icon healing Healing You are regenerating health. Regenerate an amount of health over time. Icon alcohol Icon antler Icon bandages Icon bandages with alcohol Icon embryo Icon jar with meat Icon odd mushroom[?] Icon odd mushroom night[?] Icon pill Icon plank[?] Icon wood log[?]
Icon poison protection Poison Protection You are immune to poison. Cures poison and grants a temporary immunity to it. Icon antidote
Icon armor skin Armor Your skin is thicker. Reduces damage taken for a time. [unconfirmed] Icon odd meat
Icon armor worn Armor You are wearing armor. Reduces damage taken for a time. [unconfirmed] Icon light armor
Icon night protection Night Protection You're in the hideout, under the influence of the protective gas. It will help you survive the night. Prevents attacks from the Floor Gore. Icon hideout

Negative Effects Edit

Negative status effects are often activated by traps and other harmful environmental happenings.


Status Effect Description Effect Caused by
Icon burning Burning You are burning. 1.25 pips damage over 10 seconds. Molotov Cocktail, Gasoline
Icon poisoned Poisoned You are poisoned. Deals 0.5 pips of damage over a few seconds. Mushrooms, Corpse
Icon speed Speed You move slower. Disables sprint. Alcohol
Icon sight Sight Your sight is worse. Reduces field of view. Alcohol
Icon strength Strength You are weaker. Reduces melee damage dealt for 60 seconds. [unconfirmed] Mushrooms (Harvestable)
Icon immobilised Immobilised You can't move for some time. Stuns for several seconds. Bear Trap

Skill Effects Edit

Skill status effects are obtained through leveling up and accessed by pressing Q and selecting an effect. These skills can only be used once per day.


Status Effect Description Effect
Icon moth Moth You regain health while being close to switched on electrical light sources. Regenerate 0.06 pip/s near electric lights for 20 seconds.

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