For other uses, see Swamp (Disambiguation).
Swamper icon
Behavior Aggressive
Attack type Ranged and melee
Drops Odd Meat
Health High
Running Speed Medium
Stamina Unknown
View Distance Medium
Damage High
Notes Lurks in bodies of water. Hinders player movement.
Release [[Update:{{{release}}}|{{{release}}}]]

Swampers are aggressive creatures in Darkwood.

Swampers hide in various puddles and shallows around the Swamp. They have a very reptilian appearance, having a large tail and crawling on all fours in a lizard-like manner. What appears to be a human body can be spotted fused on the creature's side.

Swampers are capable of fast and sudden pounces from underwater, leaving the player little time to react.

Strategy Edit

  • The Swamper swipes at the player with its claw, dealing damage.
  • The Swamper dives into shallow water, hiding itself and making it impossible to hit. If the player is close, it will pounce, quickly closing distance.
  • The Swamper heaves up a pile of sticky mass and spits it as a ranged attack. If the Protagonist comes in touch with it, he will get bound to it, similar to Vines and Chain Trap, only allowing movement in close proximity to the mass.

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