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The Talking Tree is a major character in Darkwood. It is a gross manifestation/amalgamation of many different people into a singular, hideous form. A female child and older gentlemen are just some of the people to make up those who are trapped inside.

Its interactions with the player are limited. The player can choose to kick and break parts of the tree but in doing so it only grows back other limbs. There is an option for 'Gossip,' but with so many people talking it is hard to discern any responses. Its primary purpose seems to be to blockade the player from finishing the game.

Quests Edit

Kill The Tree Edit

The Cripple mentions that people used to pass through the Village to leave the woods, before the tree came around. He tasks the player with destroying it; doing so will stop its hideous cries and allow him to rest peacefully once again.

Through a bunker beneath the Village the player can use a large oil tank and Torch (both of which are provided in a dream sequence) to burn the Talking Tree. It does not die immediately; the Protagonist notes that it should be done by the morning. Sure enough, when the player comes back the next day the tree will be a shrivelled, dead, ashen grey, and in its place will be the way out of the woods (supposedly). As of Alpha 8.0 however the exit will boot the player back to Hideout 4 with a Congratulations message.

Notes Edit

  • The developers have stated that the Epilogue will remain unavailable until the final release. Its likely (though unconfirmed) passing through the tree will enter the Epilogue and thus end the game.

Speculation Edit

  • The Talking Tree is implied to be the one talking to the player over the radio in Hideout 4 and in the Cottage Near The Junkyard. When the tree is killed the radio will ask, 'Why have you done this?' Then it will trigger a night event where huge groups of Burning Villagers - possible coming from the tree's trunk itself - will charge forth to attack the player, likely in revenge for what he has done.
  • The Talking Tree is seemingly able to use radios for influence and control of the environment around them. In the Cottage Near The Junkyard, small roots (similar to those found near the tree) have crawled out, to deliberately ensnare the dead body in the bed. During the scripted night event it is also capable of transporting fire through the radio, and the burning villagers too.

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