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Mirror is a distorted reflection in a broken mirror the protagonist assumes himself to be, and can talk to. The broken mirror can be found in either the Cottage or the Farmhouse, either of which trigger the same conversation.

Mirror serves as a form of guide or oracle the player can turn to for advice whenever he is stuck at critical parts in the game.

Trivia Edit

  • From what can be glimpsed in the mirror, the protagonist in Darkwood seems to wear a brown coat and a big rimmed hat, with a mask covering his face.

Dialogue Edit

To reveal the complete dialog script, click here.
Scene Dialog script
act1_welcome_opening_1_1 You are one ugly bastard.
act1_welcome_opening_1_2 I guess you got what you deserved.
act1_gossip_findBunker_1_1 I should check out the X marked on my map.
act1_gossip_findBunker_1_2 But I'll need to return here before nightfall, or I'll die out there.
act1_gossip_findDoctor_1_1 I need to find the doctor now.
act1_gossip_findDoctor_1_2 I should ask the villagers about him.

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