The Sow
Creatures mother pig
Pig Shed
Behavior Passive
Attack type Melee
Drops None
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The Sow is a passive creature in Darkwood, found within the large, L-shaped barn at the Pig Shed site in the Silent Forest. She is a massively overgrown and mutated pig, unable to move around due to her enormous size. She flails dangerously if the player comes too close.

While it is not required to interact with the Sow, nor directly related to the primary quest-line, if the protagonist should choose to do so some very pronounced changes to the world may be observed depending on the nature of their choice.

Ignoring or choosing to spare the Sow will not result in any penalty on the player, although no major changes will occur in the world. Killing the Sow, however, substantially alters the fate of many locations and characters.

Killing the Sow Edit

The player can choose to electrocute her in a lethal or non-lethal fashion. To do so the following must be done in order:

  1. Fix the broken Cable (purchasable from Piotrek for 80 Reputation or, if I recall correctly, found in either a chest or a wardrobe somewhere in the village) in front of the small house containing the generator.
  2. Turn on the generator inside the small house.
  3. Choose voltage on breaker panel, also found in the small house. A medium jolt will only stun the Sow, while a maximum shock will kill her. However, it should be noted that a medium jolt does not stun the sow long enough for the player to retrieve the items from the corpse it is blocking.
  4. Read Note on lever --> Remove lock --> Put lever all the way down --> Press button. Maximum voltage will kill the Sow. However, this does not appear to turn nearby pigs hostile to the player, unless the Sow is attacked directly by other means (guns, molotovs, etc).
  5. Pull the lever on the breaker panel.

Notes Edit

  • The Sow can also be killed with more conventional methods. She is very difficult to hit in melee, but can be attacked from relative safety using Molotov Cocktails or Firearms. However, when the player attacks her, the Pigs in the area will become hostile.
  • When killed, the Sow drops nothing but instead gives access to a Corpse containing Pills and Scribblings of a Madman when searched. This corpse is revealed to be the pig farmer.

Plot Edit

Alert minor This article contains minor spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.

The Sow is the primary source of Meat for the Villagers, which according to many of them is also their primary food staple. Therefore, they rely upon her production of new swine for slaughter to feed themselves. However, as the protagonist can learn upon visiting the Mayor's House, the Villagers are facing a crisis: the Sow is not producing milk, and cannot support offspring. As a result, the supply of meat and thereby the primary food source for the villagers has begun to run dry, and The Village is facing famine.

Killing her, nonetheless, has severe consequences to The Village. Upon returning to their Hideout after killing the Sow, the player will find a bloody circle of pig heads on the floor. If the player visits the village, a Villager will tell them to visit the Village Cellar, where the mayor wants to have a word with them.

As of Alpha 9, the effects of this choice on The Village have become much more tangible, and upon the player's next visit through the shortcut mound they will be greeted with the sight of the festering, burnt corpse of the Sow, surrounded by a ritual circle of torches and Villagers praying for its resurrection. Throughout The Village, the player will also now find sick and praying Villagers begging for the same. As a possible result of this choice (unconfirmed), the Musician will make an appearance in Hideout 4 in the Swamp, claiming to have come to that part of the woods with the other Villagers to search for food now that the Sow is dead.

Trivia Edit

  • "The Sow" is the name the inhabitants of The Village refer to her by. This creature has also been referred to as Mother Pig.
  • Attacking the Sow also results in the Villagers guarding the pig shed being attacked by the Pigs.


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