The Tunnelers are two minor characters in Darkwood.

The first one can be found in the Village, having dug several holes along with a tunnel that leads from the Village to the Silent Forest Hideout. He is described as a disheveled man with long hair.


The Tunneler's worm-like body

A second tunneler can be found in the Swamp at the Holes. Initially, he is similarly described as being a disheveled mud-caked man with long hair. Upon the second visit to the holes, a very large worm-like creature with what seems to be a human body as its head can be seen jumping through holes while repeating the man's quotes, which might mean the man has either turned into this creature, was eaten by the creature, or somehow was this creature all along. It may be simply an effect of the Protagonist's dubious perception and senses but, given the fact that the creature is able to speak and dig through earth and pavements, his monstrous form is probably real. After spotting the large, worm-like creature, the Tunneler will disappear from the game.

Speculation Edit

  • Both Tunnelers have similar descriptions, it might be possible that the Tunneler found at the Holes in Chapter 2 is the same one from the Village, and that he somehow dug his way all the way to the Swamp.
  • If the Tunneler is indeed the huge, worm-like being that is found at the Holes in the Swamp upon second visit, then that might explain why the Tunneler seems to be unusually skilled at digging tunnels.