It's been a crazy, active month since the release of Darkwood's Alpha 8, and with it came changes and improvements to the wiki! Here's a showcase of everything that has changed over the past weeks:

  • We have overpassed the 400 articles milestone! Thanks to everyone who made this possible :) Hard work was put by the community into updating the wiki with all of Alpha 8’s content.
  • The wiki has been accepted into Wikia's Community Spotlight! This means we follow all of Wikia's best practices, and will be featured on the lower "Other Wikias" internal ad!
  • The wiki now has a proper, custom display on mobile devices. Try it for yourself!
  • A major overhaul is being made on the classification of Locations, as the major/minor method is arbitrary and unhelpful (thanks, Mugetron!) 
  • All existing GIFs for characters have been updated (thanks, Lisiicaaa!)
  •  New templates:
    • {{obsolete}} now flags an article as being outdated due to a game update. Its previous function, signalling content as having been removed from the game, can now be achieved with {{removed}}. You can also use {{cleanup}} to signal an article as requiring a revision.
    • {{info}} is a new template which can be used to neatly display information upon mouse hovering.
    • {{quote}} now works as intended! Its description field has also been made optional. The minor templates {{lorem}} and {{blank}} have also been created.
    • {{update}} replaced plain text in Update articles.
    • New navigation boxes have also been added, and the largest ones are now collapsible :) Documentations have been expanded in many articles, and some missing ones have been created. Lists all over the wiki have been made more visually appealing, with icons and less clutter.
    • Last but definitively not least, userboxes are live! You can now use {{userbox}} to customize your userpage and add stylized information to it :)

What comes next?

Much has been done, but there is still a lot to do on this wiki. Here's what you can expect over the next weeks:

  • The overhaul on Locations will be completed, with changes being reflected on Locationboxes and article pages :)
  • We are beginning to work on Darkwood Wiki's administrative pages, which had been neglected for a very long time in the past. That means we will soon have a Style Guide for the community to discuss and improve, among other things :D

Thank you all for being part of this journey :) Hopefully the future will bring us even more good news!

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