The itembox template has been successfully revised to version 2.0. If you will, go have a gander how it looks, and let us know any feedback or comments you might have on the new design.

It now features a more compact, two-column style design, and can display the in-game value of an item, as well as its maximum number of stacks, if so desired. The Use category has now been merged into Notes since they both serve the same purpose, and Availability is now known as Location, as to be in line with the new Creaturebox template below. The Itembox template and its updated, extensive documentation can be found under Template:Itembox. (Thanks to wiki user DarkWolfInsanity for his idea and incentive to implement parameters for both value and stack.)

As we have now begun revising the Creatures section of the wiki, a first version of the Creaturebox template has meanwhile gone live for all the creature pages that we could already find the correct creature image for (cf. Banshee). The Creaturebox template displays important information, such as a creature behavior, threat level, type of attack, as well as what loot a creature drops, all neatly packed in a two-column styled infobox. The Creaturebox template and its documentation can be found under Template:Creaturebox.

After the Creatures section is done, the locations are next in line for an overhaul and for which a Locationbox template is planned. A location navbar (for placement under each location article) is also already in the works.

Thanks to everyone who contributes to making this wiki better! It definitely shows.

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