Chances are high that if you are reading this, you are reading this through the "tabber" on the Darkwood Wiki front page. It is a neat, compact showcase that can display a large amount of content in different tabs if you click on them.

So far, we have on offer the following categories:

  • Darkwood news: news bits about the game
  • Community news: news bits about what is going on in the community at Darkwood Wiki
  • Campaigns: announcement posts of all the Early Access campaigns we hold on the wiki and in which you can participate to further the actual development process of the game
  • Patch notes: the most recent Darkwood patch notes conveniently in one place
  • Forum: most recent forum activity

As a result to having such a valuable extension, the staff is going to put more emphasis on posting high-quality articles on the tabber. Expect a lot more (good) news in the future!

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