Darkwood Alpha 9.1 was released January 5th, 2017.


  • Fixed frozen centipede in Swamp hideout.
  • Fixed redneck close to the shrine not running away. (needs new worldgen)
  • Fixed Musician and his infection wrongly positioned when in the Swamp hideout. (needs new worldgen)
  • Fixed incorrect Chomper behaviour in Hunter's cabin. (needs new worldgen)
  • Fixed incorrect colliders in the holes shortcut in the chapter 1 village. (needs new worldgen)
  • Fixed weird animal behaviour in chapter 1 village.
  • Fixed invisible cursor in the second part of Doctor's dream.
  • Fixed duplicate enemy sprites sometimes appearing on top of corpses.
  • Fixed blue tint from the signs on the ground and the darkness when entering the Musician's room in the Swamp hideout staying on the screen in rare cases.
  • Fixed incorrect letter in the junkyard.

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