Not to be confused with Village (Swamp).

Village (Forest) Icon gateway
Silent Forest - Road to the Village
Type Major Location
Characters Several minor NPCs
Creatures Red Chomper
Notable loot Potato, Alcohol, Jar with Meat, Bandages
Notes Includes several minor interactions with NPCs.
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The Village is a major location in Darkwood.

It is a large area accessed through the Road to the Village location found in the Silent Forest. It contains a shortcut that, once found within the Village, allows the player to warp directly to and from Hideout 2. The Village is a rural settlement with a small population.

Time Freeze is active while in The Village, which is fortunate, considering it contains a copious amount of loot. Combined with the shortcut to Hideout 2, this makes The Village an excellent stocking-up point in the early game.

The Village is reliant on The Sow for the majority of its food. Because the Sow is starving, the village is facing a famine. If the player kills the Sow, upon next visit they will see a circle of villagers around the charred corpse of the Sow, praying for its resurrection.

Areas Edit

The Village has several locations of note.

The Village's Shrine is found close to the entrance, containing a Shiny Stone that the player can choose to steal. A crop field lies directly to the west.

Directly east of the entrance is Janek's House. The plot items Dogtag and Key Covered in Chicken Feces can be found here. Initially barricaded, it is accessed through the tunnels underneath the Village Well.

The Mayor of the village can be found at his house in the northwesternmost part of the village, south of the river. The house can be accessed once the Sow is killed, and Antek will be set loose on the player once they enter the cellar. Behind the Mayor's house, the Scribblings of a Madman can be found in a barn. Presumably, the Pig Farmer lived in this barn.

The Crematorium is in the center of the village, a large compound blocked off by a wall. The Crematorium can be accessed by picking the lock on the barn doors (across the road from the Mayor's house). Two bread ovens can be found within, presumably used to burn the dead villagers. A dozen or so burned corpses are found in a locked room, from which can be looted multiple Ropes and Wires.

Immediately south of the Crematorium is a set of large holes dug in the earth -- one of which, when entered, unlocks a shortcut that allows the player to instantly warp between The Village and Hideout 2.

Northeast of the Crematorium is Hanuska's House, a cottage that has been mostly burnt down. The Burned Doll can be found here, and killing the villager (Hanuska) sitting in the ruins will yield a Cable and Knife.

Further east of the Crematorium, the Chicken Lady and the Pretty Lady can be found in the Chicken Lady's House. The Musician also makes his first appearance there, although he will later relocate to the Silo.

The Village Well can be found in the southwest corner of the village. Repairing it with a Chain will give access to the Village Underground, a system of tunnels which lead from the Well to Janek's house. The underground is inhabited by the Small Red Chomper.

Three more houses can be found surrounding the Well, another house can be found attached to the Crematory, and a final house can be found below the Chicken Lady House. About a dozen or so Villagers and Infected Villagers are spread throughout these houses and the rest of the village, they commonly drop medical supplies, potatoes, and Jars with Meat. A single Madman can be found sitting in a corner in the house below the Mayor's house.

The house to the south of the Chicken Lady's House contains a burned corpse next to an oven. The corpse is wrapped in a Chain, which can be used to access the Well.

Loot Edit

The Village is rife with items that can be looted. Several of which are plot items.

  • The Doctor's instructions #1, #2 can be found in two of the houses. The Doctor's instructions #3 can be found on the Chicken Lady's corpse.
  • A Chain can be found on a corpse in the house south of the Chicken Lady's House, it can be used to climb down the Village Well.
  • A Cable can be found on the corpse of the Villager sitting in Hanuska's house, she needs to be killed first.
  • The Madman Scribbles #1 can be found in the barn behind the Mayor's house, the Picture of the Sow can be found in the code-locked crate in the same barn, along with a random amount of high-value items.
  • The Meat Grinder can be found in the house attached to the Crematorium.
  • The Dogtags and Key Covered in Chicken Feces can be found in Janek's house.
  • A Cross covered with Mud and Sticks can be found in a wardrobe in the Chicken Lady House.
  • The Doll cann be looted off the Small Red Chomper in the village well.
  • A Military Flashlight and Fabric can be found in the room with the Pretty Lady, and a Shiny Stone can be found in the barricaded house with an infected villager in the southwesternmost house in the village.
  • A very large amount of Odd-looking mushrooms can be found in tunnel system beneath the well.
  • A large amount of crafting items like rags, bottles, wire, wood and nails can be found spread across the village as well.
  • After Sow is killed and the villagers trying to cut their way out from the woods, one villager can be killed for an axehead

Notes Edit

  • Like in other areas separated by a loading screen, time does not pass in the Village.
  • The player can kill everyone in the village. Doing this before killing the Sow will prevent the invitation to the Mayor's house from being extended.
  • The Village seems to be in dire straits: a large amount of corpses can be found in the Crematorium, and with the Sow's inability to produce offspring, the Villagers are facing famine.
  • Several villagers have unique dialogue. The two sitting together directly south of the well can be overheard discussing the Infected Villager in the house they're facing, the desecration of the village shrine (once the Player has stolen the shiny stone), and a dream one of the villagers had.
  • Killing the Sow will also force the villagers to try to find a way out by burning and hacking their way through the dense woods, heading south, and eventually making it into the swamp.
  • When the villagers start hacking their way out towards the Swamp, if killed, they will never arrive at the Swamp and Mushroom Granny wont give you the quest to get rid of them.

Gallery Edit

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