Not to be confused with Village (Swamp).

Village (Forest) Icon gateway
Silent Forest - Road to the Village
Type Major Location
Characters Several minor NPCs
Creatures Red Chomper
Notable loot Potato, Alcohol, Jar with Meat, Bandages
Notes Includes several minor interactions with NPCs.

The Village is a large area accessed through the Road to the Village location found in the Silent Forest. It is not to be confused with the other Village in the Swamp in Chapter 2.

Inside the village, the player can find a mound filled with holes. The largest hole in the mound can be entered, and will take the player to Hideout 2, opening an easily accessible shortcut to The Village.

The town itself is filled with several minor NPCs and also contains the Chicken Lady House, and the Musician. Various story items can also be found here, some of which are necessary to progress the plot of Darkwood.

There are only two Chompers in The Village: one resides in The Village's Well, and another one called 'Antek' is found in the Mayor's Cellar. No enemies naturally spawn in the area.

There is also a well in the village, which can be entered after acquiring a Chain; this is an item which can be found in various locations, including on a burnt corpse in a house just south of the Chicken Lady House.

Most NPC's in The Village carry disinfectants and deterrents of the plague on them, which correlate with the Doctor's Instructions 1 and 2. Some bodies have Potatoes, some have Alcohol, most have Bandages with Alcohol or simply Bandages, and many carry Jars with Meat as their food. They can be killed for these items.

Notes Edit

  • Like in other areas separated by a loading screen, time does not pass in the Village.

Gallery Edit

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