Not to be confused with Village (Forest).

Village (Swamp) Icon village
Type Major Location
Characters Cripple, Talking Tree
Creatures Human Spiders
Mushroom Man
Red Chomper
Black Substance
Notable loot Fabric
Shovel Edge
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The Village (also called Tree Village, among other names) is a location in the Swamp biome. It is a very large complex of small rooms and houses, where a large amount of individuals used to live. A disaster - perhaps the combination of plagues and the isolation from the outside world (see below) - has lead to the death of most villagers, with the exception of the Cripple.

It can be very difficult to navigate inside the Village, with its claustrophobic and flooded environments adding to the danger posed by the creatures present there.

Story Edit

Alert major This section contains major spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.

When the Protagonist encounters the Cripple, it is revealed (through the initial dialogue and clicking the Gossip option) that the Village used to be the entry point to and from the outside world - and people regularly traveled through it. However, the Talking Tree grew on it, blocking the way out and isolating the Darkwood from the rest of the world.

The Cripple then proceeds to beg the player to destroy the Tree, claiming it cannot bear listening to its cries for one more night. Indeed, the Tree constantly emits a distorted mumbling of voices.

Notable villagers Edit

Main article: Notable Villagers (Swamp)

Notable loot Edit

  • A Rope is found in a destroyed well just inside the entrance to this area.
  • A Fabric can be found on a backpack nearby to a Shrine not far from the above well.
  • One room in a small building in the area is blocked by a barricaded metal door, but the room can be accessed from a window by going around behind the building (beware the Swamper on the way). The crate in this room contains a Rope and Fabric.
  • Near the Cripple's house there's another small house with a Monoculus and Red Chomper covered in Black Substance just outside. After dealing with the threat, one room contains a corpse with Pincers, and a wardrobe with another Fabric.
  • Among the houses by the Talking Tree, there's two basement hatches: one leads to a flooded basement, but the other is blocked with Shovel Edge laying on the ground next to it.

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