Village Cellar
The Village
Type Event Location
Creatures Red Chomper
Notable loot Welder
Release [[Update:{{{release}}}|{{{release}}}]]

The Village Cellar is an optional area that can be accessed through the Mayor's House in The Village after killing The Sow. On their next visit the player will find a Villager next to the Mayor's House, who tells them the mayor wants to "have a word" with them. The previously locked Metal Door in the house is now found open, and the player can access the meat cellar.

Once inside the main area, a couple of villagers will notice the player through some holes in the wall, realize who they are and become hostile. The exit door will lock and a Red Chomper on a chain leash will be released into the room. When killed, it will drop the key to the exit, but the two villagers will come to attack the player as well. A crate in the room they came out of contains a Welder and a Chain.

Trivia Edit

  • The Red Chomper that attacks the player is named Antek. It's unclear if this was a pet name given by the Mayor, or if it was the name of the person before they turned, however. Regardless, it was being kept as a sort of "guard dog" by the Mayor.

Gallery Edit

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