For other uses, see Village (disambiguation).
Villager (Pitchfork)
Creatures villager pitchfork
Pig Shed
Behavior Passive
Attack type Melee
Drops Pitchfork
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Pitchfork-wielding Villagers are a common variant of the normal Villager, which can be found on almost all locations where the standard variant is present. They are passive creatures in Darkwood.

They are equipped with pitchforks that inflict more damage and range. Much like it is with the common villagers, there are many villagers with special dialogue lines and behaviors, to reflect the fact that they still maintain a decent level of rationality.

Attacks Edit

These villagers attack with lunges that can reach considerably far. Every third attack is a triple lunge, with the third one being stronger and reaching further. Players are advised to use dodging and keeping their distance, if possible.

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