Workbenches can be found in the Dry Meadow Hideout, the Silent Forest Hideout, Piotrek's House, the Old Woods Hideout, and the Swamp Hideout and are used to craft, repair, and upgrade items and weapons.

The player can upgrade Workbenches to unlock new crafting recipes and apply more upgrades to weapons. Workbenches can be upgraded to a maximum level of 8.

The Workbench found in the Swamp Hideout, at the beginning of Chapter 2, is already upgraded to level 4, even if the player has not upgraded any other Workbench previously.

Crafts Edit

Without the workbench, only the following items can be crafted: Bandages, Bandages With Alcohol, Torches and Lockpicks.

Level Crafts Weapon Upgrades Cost
1 Icon chain trap Icon antidote Icon plank with nails 0 None
2 Icon hotbar upgrade Icon inventory upgrade Icon bear trapIcon gas bottle 1 10xIcon nail 6xIcon plank
3 Icon one shot pistol Icon molotov cocktail Icon lantern 1 1xIcon toolbox 8xIcon nail 4xIcon plank
4 Icon shovel Icon homemade shotgun Icon pistol 2 1xIcon toolbox 10xIcon nail 6xIcon plank
5 Icon light armor Icon sickle Icon single shot shotgun 2 1xIcon welder 12xIcon nail 8xIcon plank
6 Icon axe Icon exploding barrel 3 1xIcon pincers 3xIcon wire
7 Icon double barrel shotgun Icon bolt action rifle 3 1xIcon pincers 4x Icon scrap metal
8 Icon single shot shotgun Icon gas tank 4 1xIcon pincers 2xIcon tape 2xIcon scrap metal