Creatures worms
Piotrek's House - Garage
Hideout (if contaminated)
Silent Forest Entry
Behavior Passive
Attack type Melee
Drops None
Health None
Running Speed None
Stamina Unknown
View Distance None
Damage Low
Notes Drains health at 0.17 pips/s and disables sprinting. Can only be burnt away. Spreaded by Huge Bugs.
Release [[Update:{{{release}}}|{{{release}}}]]

Worms are passive creatures in Darkwood.

They can be found in the garage of Piotrek's House or in the Hideout if it becomes infested, as well as in the Silent Forest Entry.

Worms are a form of infestation that contaminate a certain area, damaging the player at a rate of roughly 0.17 pips per second as well as disabling their ability to sprint when walked on. Huge Bugs are known to spread worms in the Hideout during a specific Night Event.

Strategy Edit

Worms can be removed with the use of fire, for example with Gasoline and Matchsticks, Molotov Cocktails or Torches. Simply pour gasoline on or near the infested area and light it with a match, and the fire will clear worms in an area around it. Molotov cocktails also work; just toss one into the middle of the infestation and it will clear right up. A torch can also be swept across infestation to clear it, but keep in mind this reduces its durability at a fast rate.

An alternative method for clearing worms is to run into the middle of an infestation and pour a bit of gas. Retreat to the edge and toss a match on the gas you just poured. This will clear up a larger amount of infestation while using relatively little Gasoline. However, this tactic will cause a small amount of damage to the player.

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