Wreckage Icon wreckage
Swamp - Outskirts
Type Minor Location
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Creatures None
Notable loot Assault Rifle
Photo of the Doctor
Medium Caliber Magazine
Notes Requires Oxygen Tank for acess.
Release [[Update:{{{release}}}|{{{release}}}]]
The Wreckage is a location in the Swamp biome, and can only be accessed via use of the Oxygen Tank.

The area contains the broken remnants of a helicopter on the outskirts of the swamp. A few bodies can be found there, with random loot on the 2 inside of the wreckage, and an Assault Rifle (the only one obtainable in the game without killing Wolfman) and a Medium Caliber Magazine on the body of a soldier on the outside. Another item of note is the Photo of the Doctor.

Trivia Edit

  • Because of the Photo of the Doctor, it can be speculated that this is the location where the Doctor originally came to the Darkwood area. It is also possible that the corpses inside of the Wreckage were the family he was searching for.

Gallery Edit

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